‘MATERIAL RESILIENCE’- Alaa Sharabi and Juhayda AlBittar at QØDE Art Space

20 November to 15 January 2020 QØDE Art Space is pleased to announce that it is inviting Syrian artists now based in the UAE, Alaa Sharabi (1988) and Juhayda Al Bittar (1991) to exhibit their new work jointly for the first time as a married couple in Amman, Jordan in ‘Material Resilience’. ‘Material Resilience’ is […]

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Cyffwrdd Syria ~ Touching Syria ~ An Exhibition

Cyffwrdd Syria ~ Touching Syria is a collaborative project connecting the arts of Wales and Syria. Cyffwrdd Syria ~ Touching Syria exhibits SYRIA.ART’s first UK collection of contemporary art created from within Syria and from the Syrian diaspora, alongside Welsh contemporary artists at Storiel, Bangor from 12th January 2019 for 6 weeks. 1st venue: Storiel Museum and Art Gallery, Ffordd Gwynedd Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1DT, North […]

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Syria – The Garden of History: Calligrapher Khaled Al Saai

Khaled Al Saai has been working on a commissioned work for an exhibition from 21.09.2018 to 11.10.2018 in the Mschatta Hall of the Museum of Islamic Art, Pergamon Museum in Berlin. From February 2019 onwards Khaled Al Saai’s painting “Syria – The Garden of History” will be exhibited in a major exhibition entitled “Cultural Landscape […]

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Bucharest Art Week 2017 – Artists Fight Against the Syrian War

War Correspondence Bucharest Art Week 2017 was this year one of the few major international events from Romania. The “War Correspondence” exhibition was organised by APAC(Romania) in partnership with SYRIA.ART in the framework of the BucharestArtWeek2017, and was co-curated by Humam Alsalim and Nona Șerbănescu. Venue: Palatul Stirbei, Calea Victoriei, 107, 010069 Bucharest, Romania Dates: […]

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Kazem Khalil

  Kazem Khalil   Born in Lattakia 1965, Kazem Khalil lives the agony of the Diaspora in Europe, with all the passion of a hard-working Arab expressionist. The distant past of his village Basnada still lives within this Paris-based expressionist. He jumps out of his own works—literarily speaking to his audience, through an art-form that […]

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Nabeel Alsamman

  Nabeel Alsamman Syrian artist Nabil Alsamman was born in Damascus, Syria in 1957. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus university, Interior Design Department, in 1981. Nabil Alsamman has exhibited extensively across the Middle East. His works often incorporate geometrical shapes, that he makes more earthy with intense, warm colours and natural, […]

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Khaled Youssef

Khaled Youssef Khaled Youssef – Syrian Photographer and Poet. Born in Damascus in 1975. Studied medicine at Damascus University before moving to France to achieve the title of surgeon. “Poetry and photography stared for me as a passion. Writing poetry is an escape for a better world, full of dreams. Some moments of our life […]

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Nizar Ali Badr

Nizar Ali Badr Nizar Ali Badr is an established Syrian sculptor from Latakia, Syria, whose simple stone sculptures tell complex stories. Words are not his thing, but stones. Nizar Ali tells the story of Syrian families using stones to depict human emotions, and the suffering and hardship of war. He tells the story of migration […]

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Nouman Issa

Nouman Issa Nouman Issa was born in Damascus, Syria in 1972. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Damascus University, Department of Painting, in 2000. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon and the UAE. Nouman Issa’s appealing drawings and paintings suggest tales of a secretive world, which provides insight into the abyss of childhood. His work is […]

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Maysa Mohammed

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Syrian Creative Havens

NEW PROJECT: Creative Havens: Syrian Artists And Their Studios Creative Havens: Syrian Artists And Their Studios is a project granting us rare access to the studios of the greatest contemporary Syrian artists – or artists of Syrian descent – living and working both in and outside Syria today. It provides a compelling behind-the-scenes glimpse into their […]

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56th Venice Biennale

Shurooq Amin, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, and Khaled Hafez at 56th Venice Biennale Eye of the Thunderstorm: Effervescent Practices from the Arab World 9 May – 22 November 2015 Shurooq Amin, Sadik Alfraji, and Khaled Hafez will be part of In the Eye of the Thunderstorm: Effervescent Practices from the Arab World,a collateral project at the […]

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Safwan Dahoul Dubai Metro Collaboration

Safwan Dahoul Dubai Metro Collaboration Safwan Dahoul’s iconic portraitures of female protagonists covers the surface of a Dubai Metro carriage. As continuation of Dahoul’s monochromatic Dream series, the newly commissioned pieces see the addition of a crumpled effect that adds to an already heightening dramatic composition. Part of an initiative launched by the Dubai Culture […]

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