Maysa Mohammed

Maysa Mohammed was born in Damascus, Syria and graduated in 1984 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus. A multi-faceted, vibrant personalty, who has several television prodution to her credit, Maysa started exhibiting her work of art only in recent years.

Maysa heralded the telvision world as a director and an anchor. The stage finds now its place in her canvas to narrate the stories of the common man. She brings with her ethos of human endeavor and the constant search which is not hers alone. Her style reflects the expressional ‘ism’ of a silent Sufi nature.

Her series called ‘The Silent Search’ explores the vistas of human poverty, the search of a brighter tomorrow, the search of hope and the purest light. The shadows of the past loom large in this quite introspection seeking the perfect balance between dream and reality. Her colours narrate the story of these very shadows as they search the remote corners us within.

Dedicated and experienced artist Maysa is consumed by the effects of the war in Syria. Her ‘Sada’ or ‘Echo’ Series is a tribute to all those affected by the war. Her artwork reflects on war-torn memories as they echo in the human spirit. Maysa’s conventionally dark stories and occasionally bright ones portray strength, betrayal, loss and the looming smell of death and burning souls. It truly is an insane world, full of the chaos and death says Maysa. However, despite that pain, there is certainly room for life; stories of bravery, assembling the diaspora of the spirit. It was these moments and these sentiments that drove Maysa to produce this meaningful and sad collection that forces one to reflect on the devastating effects of war on one and all.