Nouman Issa

Nouman Issa was born in Damascus, Syria in 1972. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Damascus University, Department of Painting, in 2000. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon and the UAE.

Nouman Issa’s appealing drawings and paintings suggest tales of a secretive world, which provides insight into the abyss of childhood.

His work is dominated by themes of childhood, beauty and innocence, as well as catastrophe of war and internalized terror. By merging the familiar with the unexpected he evokes suspense and solicitude.

With subtle and suggestive elements, Issa creates enigmatic childhood dreamscapes, meanwhile exploring the narratives of war, loss and family, the paralysis of grief, and haunting elements from a brutalized childhood. Innocence of childhood is used as a metaphor for casualties of war and a merciless warning against complacency in the face of contemporary violence.

Metaphorically, Issa’s paintings are a tale of lost childhood memories, a kingdom where nobody dies.