Khaled Youssef

Khaled Youssef – Syrian Photographer and Poet. Born in Damascus in 1975. Studied medicine at Damascus University before moving to France to achieve the title of surgeon.

“Poetry and photography stared for me as a passion. Writing poetry is an escape for a better world, full of dreams. Some moments of our life seem like dreams too when we open the eyes; that is why photos give me the possibility to keep dreaming and show beauty everywhere. Bubbles get a short life trying always to escape and flying before exploding like our ideas, our good moments, or our dreams. That’s why I create them, I follow them trying to catch them with my camera.”

hashtag: #bubblesnotwar

“Faites les murs”
“Somnan-bulle” Nice
“Another eye on my city”
“The world through the lens of a bubble”
Exhibitions in Barcelone, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, london, Paris, Malta, Croatia, Brussels

trans-art, Saint tropez

Art Monaco
Art Basel, Miami beach

“Murmures”: Poetry 2012 Edilivre (French)
“Reflet-xions”: Poetry 2013 Edilivre (French and Arabic)