Souad Mardem Bey

Souad Mardam Bey is a Syrian plastic artist born in Damascus, Syria. Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.   She studied philosophy at the Lebanese University in Beirut. She moved to many places to Canada and Egypt also she has many exhibitions in: Paris, Kuwait, Read, Jeddah, Cairo and Argentina. Mardam Bey’s oversized canvases are […]

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Kazem Khalil

  Kazem Khalil   Born in Lattakia 1965, Kazem Khalil lives the agony of the Diaspora in Europe, with all the passion of a hard-working Arab expressionist. The distant past of his village Basnada still lives within this Paris-based expressionist. He jumps out of his own works—literarily speaking to his audience, through an art-form that […]

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Nizar Ali Badr

Nizar Ali Badr Nizar Ali Badr is an established Syrian sculptor from Latakia, Syria, whose simple stone sculptures tell complex stories. Words are not his thing, but stones. Nizar Ali tells the story of Syrian families using stones to depict human emotions, and the suffering and hardship of war. He tells the story of migration […]

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