Khaled Youssef

Born 1975 in Damascus, Syria Lives and works in Nice, France Khaled Youssef is a surgeon by profession, and a photographer and poet by passion. In order to express a different view of the world through photography and poetry, Khaled follows a singular adventure: bubbles, pictures and words. Traveling from continent to continent, country to […]

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Nizar Ali Badr

Born 1964 in Latakia, Syria Lives and works in Latakia, Syria The stones of sculptor Nizar Ali Badr recount Syria’s great sadness. Badr chooses to sculpt his work using pebble-stones from Mount Zaphon, known as Jebel Aqra, located some fifty kilometers from Latakia. He has a “moral human relationship” with his friends the pebble-stones, because, […]

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Aula Al Ayoubi

Born 1973 in Damascus, SyriaLives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Aula Al Ayoubi holds a Bachelor of Science from the Department of Mathematics, as well as a diploma in Educational Sciences from the Damascus University. She lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Aula Al Ayoubi is a seasoned artist with many […]

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