Alaa Sharabi

Born 1988 in Damascus, Syria  Lives in Damascus, Syria A young emerging artist on the contemporary art scene, Alaa Sharabi’s portfolio already features a number of personal and collective exhibitions. He obtained a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University in 2011, and as a reward for his excellent results in his […]

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Huda Takriti

Born 1990 in Damascus, Syria Lives and works in Vienna, Austria Huda Takriti was born in Damascus, Syria where she studied Drawing & Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University. Currently she is doing her Master studies at the TransArts Department at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna “Die Angewandte”. The artist […]

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Mohammad Labash

Born 1989 in Daraa, Syria Lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon Born in Daraa, southwest Syria, in 1989, Mohammad Labash holds a degree in Drawing and Painting (2013) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University. He lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon. Mohammad Labash participated in many group exhibitions locally and internationally, such as: […]

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Mahmood Al Daoud

Born 1987 in Homs, Syria Lives in Damascus, Syria Mahmood Al Daoud obtained a License in Plastic Arts from Aleppo University in 2011. Throughout his career as an artist, he has held the following solo exhibitions: “Queens” at Tajalliyat Art Gallery (Damascus) in 2017, “In the Emptiness” at 392rmeil393 Gallery (Beirut) in 2013 and “Visual […]

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Samer Tarabichi

Born 1982 in Aleppo, Syria Lives and works in Paris, France Besides having studied medicine, Samer Tarabichi graduated from the Roland Khoury Institute of Fine Arts in 2002. He participated in several joint exhibitions in Aleppo, Syria and in the exhibition entitled Clair et Obscur au Cœur de l’Hiver organized by AGOSPAP, in Paris. In […]

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Nawar Haidar

Born 1979 in Damascus, Syria Lives in San Juan De Alicante, Valenciana, Spain Nawar Haidar is a Syrian artist born in 1979 and based in Spain. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Damascus in 2006 and a Master’s degree in 2012. Haidar held solo and group exhibitions across the Middle […]

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Khaled Youssef

Born 1975 in Damascus, Syria Lives and works in Nice, France Khaled Youssef is a surgeon by profession, and a photographer and poet by passion. In order to express a different view of the world through photography and poetry, Khaled follows a singular adventure: bubbles, pictures and words. Traveling from continent to continent, country to […]

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Nabeel Al Samman

  Born 1957 in Damascus, Syria Lives and works in Damascus, Syria Nabeel Al Samman graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 1981. The artist has exhibited extensively across the Middle East: 2011 National Council for Culture and Arts, Kuwait; 2013 Solo exhibition ALM Gallery; 2013  55th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy; 2014 […]

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Ammar Khadour

Born 1991 in Damascus, Syria Lives in Graz, Austria Ammar khadour was born in 1991 in Damascus, Syria where he has been studying Law at Damascus University until 2017. He began his career as an artist when he started photography six years ago in Damascus. In November 2017, he was invited by Kulturvermittlung Steiermark to […]

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Aula Al Ayoubi

  Born 1973 in Damascus, SyriaLives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Aula Al Ayoubi holds a Bachelor of Science from the Department of Mathematics, as well as a diploma in Educational Sciences from the Damascus University. She lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Aula Al Ayoubi is a seasoned artist with […]

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